Picking carpeting for your home can seem a daunting, or even confusing, task. Here are a few tips to keep in mind and remember, we’re here to help!

Carpets are available in all styles and colors, but when shopping for carpeting, you should try to buy the best quality carpet for the money. Even if you are on a tight budget, don’t skimp on your carpeting or your carpet pad as quality products will last longer, wear better and even save you money in the long run!

So how do you tell if your carpet is of good quality?



One easy test is to look at the density of the carpet. This means the thickness and closeness of the pile or each strand of fiber. The closer the fibers, the better the quality. Stick your finger into the rug or bend it to see if you can feel or see the mesh. The less you can feel or see, the better the carpet! Another factor in a quality carpet is the twist level or the number of twists in 1 inch length of fiber. The more twists the better.

Where the density of the pile affects how it will wear, the cut of the pile affects in how it looks. A plush cut carpet looks like a field of velvet with very even color and is great for a formal look. A Saxony cut has irregular cuts of pile, and is great for an everyday look. Frieze is a nubby twisted pile, less formal looking but will wear well.

Lee Dobbins,

There are different styles of carpet out there and terms you’ll hear everywhere…here’s a breakdown:


Cutting looped carpet fibers at the top creates cut pile with yarn bundles standing straight. Pre-shearing cut pile several times creates a luxurious appearance. Cut pile is less resistant to crushing than other types of carpet.

Cut Loop has a carved definition with cut-and-loop pile. Its accent colors spice up floor surfaces and the multicolor effects hide soil and stains. This carpet looks great between vacuuming. You can choose anywhere from soft tonals to bolder color combinations.

Frieze is a highly twisted cut pile carpet suited for high traffic, informal areas.  It has short fibers that tend to curl in different directions at the surface to hide footprints and vacuum marks.

Saxony is a refined cut-pile surface. It has a luxuriously smooth, soft finish. A Saxony carpet looks beautiful with traditional interiors by adding distinctive elegance to any room and is ideal for living and dining rooms. It shows subtle highlights and accents.

Textures are the best-selling carpets and work well in informal areas (such as family rooms and children’s bedrooms) because of its soft feel.  Textures are tightly twisted and texture heat set for  medium durability. They have a multi-colored look that disguises tracks and footprints.

Commercial Loop is stain resistant, has an ease of cleaning, is durable and is made to withstand a lot of foot traffic without looking worn out.