Archaeology_Bathroom1.jpgWe offer a wide variety of stone tile products. It is important to determine the “look and feel” you want for the each room of your home.

The following will give you some ideas of the types of stone and tiles we carry:

Ceramic: Color glaze on top, brown underneath. If chipped will show brown. Use in lower traffic areas.

Granite: Best for counter tops. Comes in solid pieces. Hard to break, scratch, chip, etc. Also resistant to heat and cold. It’s more affordable than you might think.

Limestone: Soft, porous, hard to maintain. Suitable for low traffic areas.

Marble: Hard to maintain, not good in high traffic areas. People are buying and paying for the look of marble.

Porcelain: Same color all the way through. Better for high traffic areas.

Slate: Rough feel and look. Easy to clean. Good for high traffic areas.

Travertine: A type of limestone, it comes with the holes filled or unfilled, with the surface polished or unpolished. It is not the best for high traffic areas. People often use this in bathrooms.